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Spilled Milk Productions


$400/day for grip package
$400/day for lighting kit

My one-ton is a versatile G&E package designed for small gigs such as interviews, corporate content, run-and-gun shoots and others.

Grip Kit

10 C Stands

8 Combos

8 Baby Pin stands

2x3 and 18x24 flag families

4 Floppies

4 4x4 frames with Slipper rags

- Single Net, Double Net and Diffusion

6x6 frame and kit

8x8 frame and kit

12x12 frame with solid, bounce and silk

Speed Rail - 2x 4', 6', 8', 10' and 12'

15, 25 and 35 lb sand bags

800 feet of stingers

4x Apple box families

Cardellinis, Lollipops, Scissor clamps

Mini Boom

Offset Arms

Sound Blankets

Lighting Kit

1x Aputure 1200d

2x Aputure 600d kits

2x Aputure Nova 300 kits

Aputure 60x

Amaran P60C

Amaran 200d

3x Amaran 100d

6x Aputure MCs

12x Aputure B7Cs

LED accessories

One Ton G&E Gear List

Three Ton G&E Gear List

$500/day for grip package
$500/day for lighting kit

My three-ton G&E truck is equipped with more grip and electric items than any other basic 3 ton package in Colorado. Right size for commercials and features.

Grip Kit

12 C stands with C stand cart

10 Triple Riser Combo stands

2 Lowboy Combo stands

2 Mombo stands

12 Triple Riser Baby Pin stands (4 with wheels)

12 Floppies

4x4 Frames with Slipper rags

- Single net, double net, halo silk, China silk, unbleached muslin and others

- Gel frames with CTB, CTO, 216, 250, 251 and others

2x3, 18x24 and 12x18 flag families

12x12 Rags and 2x frames

8x8 Rags and 2x frames

6x6 Rags and 2x frames

Speed rail - 8x 1', 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 8', 10' and 12'

15, 25 and 35 sand bags

1,500 feet of stingers

Dozens of clamps and rigging material

Mafers, Cardellinis, Speed Cs, Platys

Rope and stakes

Offset arms

8x Apple box families

Work carts

Sound Blankets

Lighting Kit

2x Aputure 1200d

2x Aputure 600d kits

2x Aputure Nova 300 kits

Amaran P60C

Amaran 300c

2x Amaran F22C

Amaran 200d

3x Amaran 100d

6x MCs

Aputure 60x

12x Aputure B7Cs

6x Pavo Tubes 10"

LED Accessories

Also for rent for additional costs:

Aputure Nova 300 (I own 4)

Aputure Infinibar Kit

- 8x 4' kit

- 4x 2'

Generators - 1600 and 3000 running watt

Car Mount

Hostess Tray

HiHi Roller Mombo stands

10' Jib

Proaim Dooryway Dolly with accessories:

- Telescopic riser

- Boom Kit for offsetting

- Bazooka

- Turret

- Offset arm

- Adapters for Mitchell, 100mm and Elemac

- 20' of track

Polaris Skateboard Dolly (Dana dolly)

12x20 and 20x20 rags

- 12x12 and 12x20 Wet Solid

- 12x20 1/4 Grid

- 12x20 Solid

- 12x20 B?W Bounce

- 20x30 Artificial Silk

5/8 Kit

Speed Rail rigging

Cheese Plates

Truss Parts

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