The Gear

What sets us apart is what we bring to the job: strong work ethic, positive attitudes and the gear to get the job done. Our lighting and camera packages gives DPS, grips and gaffers more range and the ability to be creative and handle larger set ups for any type of video production.










Our one ton van comes equipped your desired camera package along with the essential G&E hardware and an LED kit that will light any interview or small set up.






Our three-ton Grip & Electric truck is equipped with more grip and electric items than any other basic package in Colorado, including:

13 C stands with C stand cart

4 Combo stands

3 Mombo stands

6 Beefy babies

12x12 Rags and frames

8x8 Rags and frames

6x6 Rags and frames

4x4 Frames with cart

- 6 Floppys

- 12 Wire frames with single nets, double nets, halo silk, China silk, unbleached muslin and others

- 10 Gel frames with CTB, CTO, 216, 250, 251 and others

2x3, 18x24 and 12x18 Frame families with net cart

Speed rail

Sand bags - 15, 25 and 35 pounders

1,000 feet of stingers

Dozens of clamps

6 Apple box families

Work carts


Quasar Crossfades and T12s

Aputure units including Nova, 600d, MCs and B7Cs

Nanlite units including Forza 60, 500 and Pavo Tubes

Intellitech Bicolor Panels

Lights from either package can be added for additional rental fees.