What people have to say about Spilled Milk Productions freelance video services.

"I’ve worked with Spilled Milk Productions and would recommend them to anyone. The team is professional, always on time, and a calm presence on set. There are few like them. They are a hard-working, knowledgeable crew who will always put forth the extra effort required to elevate a project. Their gear package is perfect for most shoots and has the flexibility to do bigger shoots if needed. I’d recommend Spilled Milk Productions to anyone that needs a reliable, hard-working professional in G&E on their set."

--Carlos Malache, Denver Director of Photography

"Having worked with Spilled Milk Productions for several years now, they always manage to impresses with their skill and understanding of what each scene needs. They are self sufficient and devoted to their work, which is why I make sure to give them a ring before starting any project!"

--Anton Church, Owner of Caveman Productions